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We offer a vast range of roofing services tiled roof maintenance – ranging from solving that persistent leak to a full make-over.

When a roof is restored, preparation is paramount, which includes thoroughly cleaning the roof surface area as well as fixing all the faults. The critical part of coating a roof is the application of a first coat or binding coat. The binding coat will vary depending on the type of roof as well as the condition of the roof and once applied, the integrity under the coatings remains unchanged.  Ultimately for a fully restored roof, it is the coloured finish coatings that are going to be subjected to the elements. .

For this reason we use and recommend Regent Tileguard® because of the incredible adhesion achieved through their range of binder coats.  For an explanation of our Regent Tileguard products see www.regentpaints.com.au and also access their current colour chart.


All ridge caps are removed and are ‘bedded’ back down using a bedding rig to ensure the resetting of the ridge caps is straight and level.


Flexible pointing is applied to secure the ridge caps.

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Flexipoint retains significant post cure flexibility which enables it to flex in harmony with roof movement without cracking away. The flexipoint concept has been embraced around Australia since its introduction in 1995 and is still considered the major flexible pointing in use to this day.

Replacement of broken or cracked tiles


High pressure cleaning of Terra Cotta tiles.


High pressure clean and application of appropriate acrylic roofing paint dependent on the condition of the tiles.

Cleaning out of gutters & down pipes

Storm Seal of Valley

Storm Seal is a polyurethane impregnated compressible bitumastic strip used to seal the valley which prevents water and vermin from entering the roof space through the valley line.

Replacement of Valley Irons

Storm & Insurance work a specialty

Rubbish removal & clean up after the job is finished

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